Tuesday, October 20, 2009

personal work

Barne TV (Nrk Super)

This is a coulple of pages from the "Barne TV" childrens book I did for NRK aktivum while at Qvisten Animation.
The characters were before the new intros and thus had an older design originally made by Endre Skandfer and redone by me to fit the look I wanted of the book.
Text by Hilde Matre Larsen and Astrid Akra helped me with many of the hand coloured BG's
While at Qvisten animation I was given the happy task of designing and directing some new childrens TV idents for the National TV channel NRK.
It was a very fun, and very hectic project to work on.

Various work Qvisten Animation

Various design work while at Qvisten Animation.