Friday, October 24, 2014

Here are some explanitary sketches I did for internal use at Storm, for the modelers and riggers.
I ended up texturing the thing in Mari, and animate the shots in the film

Dannys Dommedag round2

I then did another round of sketching and came up with something more dinosaur like, which they liked. Funny thing though is that the monster ends up moving on all fours in the film anyway.

Danny's Dommedag round1

This is the first draft I did for a creature for the danish film Danny's Dommedag (Danny's Doomsday)
The director liked this I think, but the producer felt it was too "north sea'ish".
They also felt that he was to low to the ground when he moved on all fours and wanted something more dinosaur like. I still kinda prefer this design actually.